“Sgt. Meat”

(a dark comedy based on true events)

War is hell. But sometimes, it can also be funny as hell. Or boring as hell. Or sad, or fun, or exhilarating. Did I mention war is hell?

a feature length film script by Jonny Lewis

Specialist Sergeant Michael Meath

Sgt. Meat

Wartime is an exciting time in a soldier’s life, and when it’s not hellishly boring it can even be fun. Except for all the killing and maiming and such. But hey, no war is perfect. This is the real-life story of the Iraq War experiences of Sgt Mike Meath. He’s a little older than the usual recruit. At 27, he’s had some college, and even has a degree in chiropractic. So the vagaries of a war zone should be a little easier for him to navigate, right? Haha.

Story Genesis

Mike Meath is my chiropractor. He’s also an Iraq War veteran and a great storyteller. He agreed to tell me some stories to help with a TV series I was developing. We sat down with a cup of coffee and a donut, and 2½ hours later he had told me his whole experience with the Army in Iraq. It was insane, and it was perfectly suited to an entire film of its own. So I’m just taking what he told me and putting it into script form. There are a few parts missing, but I’ll fill those in after I have a draft. This story is like a “Catch-22” for the present day, except that Meath was in the Army voluntarily and didn’t want to get out. But the insanity and absurdity of his real-life story are on a par with Joseph Heller’s invented story of decades earlier. Unlike my award-winning short comedies, this is not an antiwar film. Its message depends on your view: You’ll either say, “Oh my god, how can we let this insanity continue?” or “Cool! Sign me up!” Either way, it’s an entertaining ride!

“The Meat Wagon” medic vehicle.